Welcome to the Website Featuring Maytag products for 220 volt

Piraeus International, Inc is an authorized Trade Partner of Whirlpool Corporation featuring Maytag Products.  Information about Whirlpool and Maytag listed is public information and can be found on their websites.

For more than a century Maytag has overwhelmed the US consumer with reliability, durability and quality.  Maytag has begun to stun the consumer in the US by offerring highly reliable yet innovative products again for the 220 volt market.  The Baggage Trade Consumer will now see an entirely new line-up for 2013, and it will be offerred by a select few dealers in the United States for them to purchase from.  Inspired by its bold innovations and designs, customers around the globe trust Maytag to make their lives easier. More than ever before, Maytags brands are connecting with customers in ways that will last a lifetime.  Maytag adds to that reputation of reliability.  The products being produced for 2013 under the Maytag Brand continue on Maytag's Legacy of unmatched durability.

Piraeus International, Inc. is proud to offer the Maytag Line-up in 220 volt/50 hertz to its Network of Dealers in the United States who specialize in their own niche markets.